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    Item No. EA90-1

    Name: Post Hole Digger

    Auger Diameter: 12”

    Auger Length: 1100MM

    PTO Turning Speed: 540RPM

    Gearbox Rate: 3:1

    Tractor Hitch: Cat.1

    Matching Tractor: 25-45HP

    N.W: 127KG

    Suitable for drilling holes for most type of soil, such as hard soil, clay soil, frozen earth.

    Ideally suited for fence building and tree planting around any type of property.

    Designed for rugged durability and economy.

    Shield PTO shaft shear pin protected.


    Item No. EA90-2

    Auger Diameter: 14”

    Matching Tractor: 25-50HP

    N.W: 140KG


    Item No. EA90-3

    Auger Diameter: 16”

    Matching Tractor: 30-50HP

    N.W: 145KG


    Item No. EA90-4

    Auger Diameter: 18”

    Matching Tractor: 30-55HP

    N.W: 150KG


    Item No. EA90-5

    Auger Diameter: 20”

    Matching Tractor: 35-60HP

    N.W: 155KG

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